La Galerie Paris 1839

Booth no: E16

Modern and contemporary photography

Almond Chu (b. 1962)
Nude Holding a Buddha Head #51
H. 27.6 x W. 21.59 cm
Gallery overview
La Galerie, Paris 1839 is one of Hong Kongˇ¦s first art spaces specialising in high-quality art photography. French founders Marie-Florence Gros and Cyril Delettre share their passion and expertise in both Asian and Western photography. La Galerie presents internationally recognized and acclaimed masterpieces, as well as emerging artists, and covers all aspects of photography, from fine art photographs to selected press photographs and prints. The gallery name refers to the date when the French government bought the patent for Daguerreˇ¦s photography process in order to ˇ§offer it to the worldˇ¨.
Contact details
G/F, 74 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong
T: +852 2540 4777