Walter Arader Asian Art

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Chinese, Nepalese and Tibetan gilt bronze statues and thangkas

Four-armed Avalokiteshvara
Tibet, 15th century
Copper alloy with silver and copper inlay
H. 21 cm
Gallery overview
Walter Arader Himalayan Art was founded in 2010. The primary focus of the gallery is gilt bronze sculptures of Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepalese origin, dating from the 14-18th centuries. Walter Arader also deals in fine thangkas and Chinese paintings. Other than dealing art pieces, Walter Arader organizes Asian art shows in New York. Walter Arader has dealt significant pieces of Himalayan art to museums internationally, including numerous public and semi-private museums in mainland China, as well as to numerous American, European, and Chinese private collections.
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1016 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10075, USA
T: +1 484 919 8437
E: walter.arader@gmail.com