Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP) 上海攝影藝術中心

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Contemporary photography

Gallery overview
Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP) is the first accredited not-for-profit art institution dedicated to photography in China. Founded in 2015 by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Liu Heung Shing, it is located on Shanghai’s West Bund Art Corridor and is the city’s premier museum for photography. SCoP showcases International and Chinese photography in all its diverse applications. Here you will find the best of journalism, documentary, social history, fashion and art photography from around the world. In tandem with its curated exhibitions, SCoP offers a programme of educational events including workshops and lectures, and publications.
Contact details
No. 2555-1 Longteng Avenue (near Fenggu Road), Shanghai, China
T: +86 (0)21 64289516
E: info@scop-sh.com
Jiang Zhi (b. 1971)
Love Letters No. 9
Archival inkjet print