Jeremy Pine

Booth no: F3

Tibetan and Nepalese art

Golden rooster ewer
Tang-Tubo period, mid-7th century
L. 30.48 x H. 25.4 cm
W. 1,059.4 g
Gallery overview
Jeremy Pine has been dealing in Asian art for more than 45 years. Originally based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Jeremy now lives and works in Hong Kong. While he is widely known as a Chinese textile expert, he has also made significant discoveries in Tibetan, Nepalese, Central Asian, and Chinese art, including lacquer, arms and armour, painting, sculpture, and carpets. Jeremy specialises in finding beautiful and unique objects. He has sold many treasures to major museums in the USA, Europe, and Asia, as well as to private collectors worldwide.
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T: +852 2785 7859
M:+852 5121 9285