Cask 88


Rare and old Scottish whisky
Booth: G1

Macallan 30 Sherry Oak, blue box edition
A highly sought after bottling by The Macallan, 43%, 70cl

Founded in 2007, Cask 88 is now internationally recognised as one of the world’s foremost whisky experts, selling old and rare whiskies from world-renowned distilleries. An extensive inventory and expansive global network provide an un-matched selection of fine whiskies, which attracts a wide clientele in London, Hong Kong, Beijing and New York. Cask88 believes that buying vintage whisky should be fun and offers its clients a bespoke service where they are given an opportunity to select, purchase, label and package their own exclusive whisky drawn from the finest Scotch casks.

Contact details
26 Dublin St, Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6NN, UK
T: +44 131 608 0995