Ching Yuan Art


Booth: B20

Chang Ching (b.1937)
Blessed are the Pure in Heart
H. 30 x W. 14 x D. 11 cm

Ching Yuan International Art Co. was established in 2002, and for the past 15 years has been engaged in cultural and artistic activities in Taiwan, including exhibition design and planning. In the early years, Ching Yuan Art undertook design projects for the Taiwanese government. For the past few years, it has focused on being the exclusive representative of the renowned Taiwanese sculptor, Chang Ching (b. 1937). Solo exhibitions have been held in Taipei in 2016, and Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai in 2017. Ching Yuan Art exhibited Chang Ching’s work for the first time in Hong Kong at Fine Art Asia 2017 and returns this year.

Contact details
No. 17, Bangqiu 8th Street, Douliu, Yunlin 64002, Taiwan
T: +886 5 5371202
F: +886 5 5372105