Fine Art Asia Pavilion: Maria Kiang Chinese Art 典亞藝博展亭: Maria Kiang中國藝術

A large ‘grandfather and grandson’ burlwood sculpture
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
H. 77 cm (including base)
Provenance: Jean-Michel Beurdeley, Paris 1966 Published in: Beurdeley & Cie, Dans la tradition Zen, Paris, 1966, Catalogue No. 3

清代 癭木「袓孫岩」仿賞石
高. 77公分(連底座)
來源:Jean-Michel Beurdeley, 巴黎1966年
出版著錄:Beurdeley 和 Cie《Dans la tradition Zen》, 巴黎, 1966年, 圖錄編號 3

The sculpture is naturally formed from two twisted branches of burlwood, each accented with various perforations. The surface of the wood is smooth and patinated to a honey brown tone.

A ‘Grandfather and Grandson’ scholar’s rock is published in Gerard Tsang and Hugh Moss’ book Arts From the Scholar’s Studio, 1986, pp. 114-115, Catalogue No. 78.