International Craftsmen Association

International Craftsmen Association
Japanese and Chinese craftsmanship

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Kimura Yasunori (b. 1950)
Taburo Kobo (workshop)
Left: Edo Kiriko – Red Fuji and Kikukagome
Right: Edo Kiriko – Nami Fuji and Kikukagome
Crystal glass
D. 8.3 x H. 9 cm (250ml)

This year the International Craftsmen Association (ICA) presents collectable works by a number of craftsmen recommended by the Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. At the last few editions of Fine Art Asia, the ICA has brought together craftsmen from all over the world and promoted craftsmanship. Moreover, it has elicited the interest of young people in crafts and has provided Hong Kong people with a deeper understanding of craftsmen’s works and the effort that goes into making them. The ICA hopes to continue demonstrating the ingenuity of craftsmen through various activities, art exhibitions and interviews.

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