Ji Qing Tang


Contemporary Chinese furniture
Booth: A16, A18





Ross Lovegrove x Ji Qing Tang
LIFEFORM dining chair (high)
Reclaimed wood
58 x 47 x 107 cm

Founded in 2001, Ji Qing Tang gathers together the best remaining wood craftsmen from all over China. The company sources and works with only the best quality woods. Ji Qing Tang’s mission is to recover the original synergy between art and nature, as seen in the design, architecture and fine art of Imperial China, and to demonstrate high-quality craftmanship through the creation and production of timeless aesthetic and quality pieces. Ji Qing Tang has a unique formula of equality between designers and artisans; moreover, its international character means that the values of high craft will be handed down to future generations.

Contact details
East Yard, Shunjin Textile Factory, Chaobai River Bridge East Road South, Shunyi District, Beijing, China
T: +86 10 89476746
F:+86 10 89476745
E: yvonnejiang@jiqingtang.cn