Sokyo Gallery


Contemporary ceramic art
Booth: B15

Ryuichi Kakurezaki (b. 1950)
H. 24.3 x W. 115 x D. 25.5 cm

In 2013 Sokyo Gallery was founded in Kyoto, in the heart of the art district. The gallery specialises in contemporary art, mainly ceramics. Kyoto is the thousand-year-old cultural capital of Japan which highly valued tradition and formality, reaching a pinnacle of sophistication. From the 1920s, a group of potters advocated the expression of individual personality in ceramic works, transforming the potter into a true artist. Today Sokyo Gallery aims to elevate ceramics into the realm of fine art with exciting new aesthetic directions. Sokyo has a global audience and is a leader in spreading knowledge of the excellence of Japanese ceramic arts to the rest of the world.

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381-2 Motomachi, Furumonzen-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0089 Japan
T: +81 75 746 4456
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