Fine Art Asia Pavilion 典亞藝博展亭: Ryan Chan 陳彥羲

Ryan Chan (b. 1996)
Visionary I
Wooden Panels
H. 122 x W. 20 cm

陳彥羲 (1996年生)
高.122 x 寬.20 公分

Ryan Chan

Ryan was born in December during 1996,the time before HK started to begin a new era.With his talents borrowed from an architect and a TV & film executive director,implanting an unusual theme amongst  his art.

Ryan started to make some of his earliest  artworks during a young age.Being educated in different international schools,he  treasured his artwork as a medium to express his emotions and awareness on life.

When it comes to movements,Surrealism and conceptual art are the choices Ryan picked,building progress techniques borrowed from a comic studio, making the picture half realistic without losing detail. Ryan was influenced from popular artists such as Salvador  Doli,Bill Viola and other modern contemporaries including Wayne Douglas Barlowe and TakashiMurakami. So as to build a style he called upon his own view to make something unique and strong looking.

To Ryan,art is part  of life.He doesn’t forget that  the love of art gives him a new step towards a career  and the word “love of art” means not just exploring something artistic from a learner’s guide but the words also mean to him nyou may forget to remember  but you make a sudden move without knowing  until an artwork starts and ends with a blink of an eye”,because you have so much drive and inspiration in your heart and mind.

Ryan 於1996年12月香港回歸前夕出生,那時候香港正踏入一個全新嘅年代; Ryan就是在這個充滿未知, 充滿改變嘅年代長大。 天賦來自從事建築師及影視高管的父母,他的藝術創作自開初就顯現出非尋常 嘅天賦。

Ryan 最早的藝術創作可追溯到非常少的年紀,他自小於國際學校接受教育, 將自己的作品作為表達情感和對生活覺知的媒介。

關於藝術流派,Ryan選擇了超現實主義,和觀念藝術;同時他借鑒來自漫畫的 技巧,令畫面如夢似幻又不失細節。

Ryan受藝術家  薩爾瓦多.達利,比爾.維奧拉及其他當代大師  韋恩.  巴洛威,和 村上隆  等影響,致力於建立具有其獨特性而又富有強力視覺衝擊的藝術風格。

對Ryan來說,藝術是生活的一部份。他深信自己對藝術的熱愛,不單使他能在 藝術上、也能在事業上更進一步。「熱愛藝術」也不僅意味着在學習中不斷探 索藝術,對他來說,這更意味着….「也許記憶會忘卻,但立即行動,務求能於 轉瞬之間,將記憶透過他的獨特風格勾畫留存成為一件作品」,因為在他的腦 海里有無窮無盡地由藝術帶來的動力和靈感。