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One of a Kind Collection
A hand-woven 18k gold bracelet combining a unique purple Kasumiga pearl set with natural white diamonds

Yvel is an Israeli Award-winning, luxury jewellery brand, recognised worldwide for its distinctive creations featuring nature’s most treasured resources. Founded by Orna and Isaac Levy in 1986, Yvel has a rich history of cultivating fine jewellery.
Rare organic pearls are Yvel’s signature design motif combined with select natural diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Yvel is legendary for its free form designs in which 18k gold is fashioned around the gemstone, caressing it and enhancing its unique beauty.
The magnificent results of the process are the masterpieces handcrafted at the Yvel Design Center by Yvel’s team of skilled artisans. Each and every piece of jewellery is created to be cherished now and treasured for generations to come.

Contact details
1 Yechiel Steinberg St., Ramat Mozta 6977149, Jerusalem, Israel
T: +972 2 6735811
E: support@yvel.com