VIP Guided Tour: Liang Yi Museum

Date :  October 4, 2019 (Fri) & October 5 , 2019 (Sat)
Time : 3pm
Meeting point : Liang Yi Museum
Address : 181-199 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Duration : Approximately 1 hour
Language : English & Mandarin


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Crowning Glory: The Beauty of Ladies’ Ornaments from Asia and Europe
Exhibition period: 17th September 2019 – 27th February 2020

Liang Yi Museum is delighted to present Crowning Glory: The Beauty of Ladies’ Ornaments from Asia and Europe, a landmark exhibition exploring the role women’s clothing and accessories played in the social construction of gender and identity from the late imperial era in China and Japan to the early modern period. The compelling selection features over 250 exhibits, including objects of everyday use from traditional Chinese furniture associated with the boudoir, Japanese hair ornaments and silver pieces, to textiles from both cultures, providing an insightful view into the traditional and modern concept of female beauty in the East, and its dilution and evolution upon the introduction of Western notions, morals and ideas. 

Building on the success of the March exhibition Chrysanthemum and Dragon: The Art of Ornamentation in Japan and China in the 17th – 19th Century, which marked the debut of Liang Yi Museum’s newly acquired Japanese collection, Crowning Glory will further reveal more of the Museum’s Japanese acquisitions and its continuous research in the design, craftsmanship and heritage of Asian art. While the former exhibition focused largely on scholars and the literati, who were mostly men, this show takes a closer look at the other half of society: women.

Clothing and accessories have been a mirror of aesthetic and cultural progression for nearly all of human history. They provide an exceptional field for studying how people interpret a specific form of culture for their own purposes. As both Chinese and Japanese society are deeply rooted in Confucian beliefs, for centuries the rights of women from the two countries have been limited to being subordinates, or at best, satellites to men. Low literacy rates, minimal property rights, and a thin voice in public affairs made women the ornaments of the family and were so accordingly accessorised.

Geographical location, climate, culture, history and customs are some of the usual factors that shape each society’s perception of beauty. The narrative of the exhibition therefore unfolds with the first section providing a visual reference to traditional beauty standards in China and Japan. Paintings and illustrations, including woodblock prints from the renowned series “Mirror of Historical Eras” (Jidai Kagami) by Toyohara Chikanobu (1838–1912), demonstrate the ideal woman through richly coloured and elaborately detailed portrayals.


This guided tour is hosted by Liang Yi Museum