Fine Art Asia & Ink Asia 2019 Fair Tour: Special Exhibitions and Public Art

Discover Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia and view highlights of the fair with us!  We have organised two exclusive experiences for you this year:

Date :  7 October (Monday) 
Time : 3:30pm
Meeting point : Fine Art Asia Information Desk 
Address : Hall 3, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Duration : Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes
Language : English

*The registration period has already passed.

Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia 2019 feature a number of special exhibitions. Selected highlight art works are also exhibited in public areas of the fair. This tour will take you to explore these other dimensions of the fairs.


Special Exhibition: 70 + 30: The Hei Formula
Presented by Fine Art Asia

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This exhibition comprises classical Chinese furniture and Chinese paintings from the private collections of renowned collector and dealer, Mr Hei Hung-Lu and his son Andy Hei, founder and director of Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia.


Special Exhibition: A Tribute to Irene Chou
Presented by The Ink Society

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Irene Chou was one of the most prominent artists of the New Ink Painting Movement in Hong Kong. With a firm grounding in traditional Chinese painting, she recast tradition to develop her own unique visual language. The exhibition presents 13 paintings from the early 1970s to the year 2000.


Special Exhibition: ink+
Curated by Eric Leung

Featuring 3D and New Media Art, this exhibition demonstrates the contemporary spirit of ink art through the unique creative concepts of Hong Kong and Chinese artists.


Special Exhibition: Lin Guocheng: Lines
Presented by Fine Art Asia

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The introduction will be provided shortly.


Public Art Displays
The following artists’ work will be showcased in public areas of Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia 2019:

P1 Markus Klinko, presented by Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
P2 Lam Yau-sum, presented by Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong
P3 Zheng Chongbin, presented by INK studio, Beijing
P4 Tsang Tsou Choi, “King of Kowloon”, presented by a private collection, Hong Kong
P5 Wu Shang-Yung, presented by Illuminati Fine Art, Hong Kong
P6 Wang Shaoqiang and Sung Hsite, presented by Da Xiang Art Space, Taichung
P7 Raymond Fung Wing Kee, presented by ink+ and Ink Asia, Hong Kong