Antique Chinese carpet
Booth: E12




The Summer Palace carpet
Imperial Workshop of Peking
China, Qing Dynasty, Tongzhi period (1862-1874)
Silk pile, gilded copper threads
Inscription: Wanshoushan Quanjing (Panoramic view of Longevity Hill, the Summer Palace)
H. 304 x W. 243 cm

Founded in 1934 by Giuseppe Danon, the gallery is widely recognised as one of the leading companies for antique carpets in the world, known for the extraordinary quality and beauty of its pieces. Joining their father in the 1980s, owners Enzo and Roberto Danon have now been directing the company for the past three decades and have expanded it to include notable collections of carpets from China, India, East Turkestan and Tibet. The gallery is considered unique and innovative in its field for the outstanding presentations of carpets and the beautiful catalogues that accompany each exhibition. Among Danon’s clients are museums, prestigious institutions and international collectors. In 2007 they founded Orientalis, a publishing house specialising in antique carpets and Asian art.

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