Fine Art Asia Pavilion 典亞藝博展亭: Mok Yat San 莫一新

Mok Yat San (b. 1968)
Falling Into A Trance: A Momentary Dream
Stainless steel, fiber glass, resin with plinth
78 x 43 x 25 cm
(With plinth)

莫一新 (1968年生)
78 x 43 x 25公分

I make images and forms to explore and to understand the intrinsic value of my existences, to map my world through art. Image making allow me fragments of wholeness, clarity and solidity, like feeling a light breeze or variable clouds fresh and cosy. It helps me to develop as an open and honest person, create and share my understanding of the world around me as natural as breathing, long and lasting.