Galerie Dumonteil


Modern and contemporary sculptures and paintings
Booth: E5

Joseph Csaky (1888-1971)
Marble, original carving, unique piece
65 x 14 x 60 cm (marble)
65 x 66 x 12.7 cm (with base)

Founded in Paris in 1982 by Pierre and Dothi Dumonteil, Galerie Dumonteil is regarded as one of the leading galleries in the world for 20th century figurative sculpture. Regularly collaborating with museums and organising solo exhibitions, Galerie Dumonteil is dedicated to the discovery and rediscovery of artists working on the theme of animals and nature. It works closely with artists’ families and estates, and has featured renowned artists such as François Pompon, Georges-Lucien Guyot, RemCask8 Bugatti, Diego Giacometti, Charles Artus and Pablo Picasso. The gallery also promotes the best contemporary artists such as Daniel Daviau, Jean-Marie Fiori, Eric Pillot, Jean-Claude Meynard, Rubén Fuentes, Hubert Le Gall and Wang Keping.

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