Fine Art Asia Pavilion 典亞藝博展亭: Chui Pui Chee 徐沛之

Chui Pui Chee (b. 1980)
Nine Abysses XLVIII
Ink and colour on paper
H. 30 X W. 30 cm

高. 30 X寬. 30公分

With the literati tradition as a point of departure, ‘Nine Abysses’ is a magnificent example of Chui Pui-chee’s works. The landscape with delicate details is fused with expressive splashed-ink background. Chui arduously added details with gongbi technique to depict the pine trees and jagged rocks rising from the abysses. Through the serenity and purity of Northern Song dynasty landscape, self-cultivation and realm of life are reflected. It is a purity of the heart that touches beyond the technique of the brush.

‘Nine Abysses’ is a reflection of my life experiences and emotions. I encountered series of difficulties in work and my private life in recent years and have been down in the dumps. But I managed to persist the creation of art and the pine tree symbolizes this persistence. The dark background is intentionally set to represent the sadness I have been through.

On the other hand, in the process of adding details with Gongbi technique to depict the pine trees and jagged rocks sooth my emotions. To me it is a way of mediating and somehow I found the inner peace. I hope the audience could feel the emotions in this painting.

I also hope the audience would look closer to see the details of the painting, especially the pine trees, pine needles. The original colour of paper is gold. I used the traditional Chinese Ink (need grinding). To enhance the darkest part of the painting, I mixed the ink with charcoal powder so it will look darker and created a mysterious dark space. This is my unique technique. (The traditional method will use a very concentrated ink but when it dried, it will look shiny.)