Fine Art Asia Pavilion 典亞藝博展亭: Li Wei Han, Rosanna 李慧嫻

Li Wei Han, Rosanna (b. 1957)
Tang in Town
28.5 x 18 x 13 cm

李慧嫻 (1957年生)
28.5 x 18 x 13公分

Perhaps it is pandemic fatigue, people are getting to the streets again, and what do I see on the road side – this strangely dressed woman —- is she from outer space who landed here accidentally in her travel through time? But she’s well adapted to city life – mobile in hand and standing firm on her sneakers. Is she from the Tang Dynasty? I’m not so sure. Vintage has been in style and taken on a trend. Ancient? Modern? Could she be a KOL? Is she planning to move somewhere? Well, why bother at all, come and go, stay and leave, be at ease and take things as they come. Live for the moment! Isn’t that the best thing to do?


抗疫疲勞,市面重現熙來攘往之狀,忽見路旁站着一異服婦人 —― 莫非她是天外來客,穿越時空,落在香江?不是嗎?婦人入鄉隨俗,電話不離手,腳踏波鞋。古人乎?吾不知!君不見近年古著流行,唐服今用,蔚然成風?!古耶?今耶?KOL耶?整裝遷移耶?何須考究!去去留留,人來人往,隨遇而安,活在當下。不亦快哉!