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Chinese, Tibetan and Central Asian textiles and works of art
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A purple silk changyi for a young lady of the Imperial court embroidered with butterflies and begonia sprays
The word ‘butterfly’ sounds like ‘age 70 to 80’ and the begonia represents ‘calm’ – perfect celebratory dress for the Empress Dowager Cixi’s important 70th birthday celebrations in 1904 and the wish for ‘long life’
Chinese, Qing Dynasty, Guangxu period (1875-1908)
L. 134.6 cm
For similar examples see:
‘The Splendours of Imperial China’, Qing Court Attire from the Palace Museum, Beijing, 2008

Jacqueline Simcox specialises in silk textiles from China and Central Asia, and has examples from India and Southeast Asia, together with works of art. Textiles include court costumes, palace furnishings, silks for Buddhist and Daoist use, as well as wall hangings, pictorial subjects and other decorative pieces, dating from the 2nd-19th centuries. Jacqueline Simcox was director of the Oriental Department at Spink, the London fine art dealers, before starting her own company in 1996. She has written numerous articles on Chinese textiles, catalogued private collections and contributed essays to museum exhibition catalogues. She lectures at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Royal Academy, and teaches post-graduate students at SOAS, London University.

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