Aug 2023

Fine Art Asia 2023 and Ink Asia 2023
Integrate Art into Technology: New Trends in Collecting
5 – 8 October 

Fine Art Asia 2023, Asia’s leading international fine art fair, and Ink Asia 2023, the art fair dedicated to ink art, which is resuming after a three-year hiatus, will be held alongside each other at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from Thursday 5 October to Sunday 8 October 2023, with a VIP Preview on Wednesday, 4 October 2023.

Fine Art Asia 2023 and Ink Asia 2023 will return to their normal scale following the pandemic. We would like to extend our warmest welcome to the return of our regular overseas exhibitors, whom we have missed in the past few years. Fine Art Asia 2023 and Ink Asia 2023 will be staged at the peak of the art season in Hong Kong, showcasing a wide range of collection categories and exploring the inextricable relationship between the East and West.

Fine Art Asia 2023

Wall mirror
China, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period (1736-1795)
Copper decorated with famille rose enamels
H. 50 x L. 32.5 x W. 15.5 cm
Jorge Welsh Works of Art, London/Lisbon

Giovanni Antonio Canal
(known as CANALETTO, 1697-1768)
Veduta della Chiesa di San Pietro di Castello a Venezia
Oil on canvas
H. 86 x W. 124 cm
Hong Kong

Jadeite “dragon and phoenix” with diamond and coloured diamond necklace
Jadeite approx. 51 x 32 x 5 mm
ILIA Jewellery, Hong Kong

About Fine Art Asia

Fine Art Asia was founded in 2006 by Hong Kong art experts and has earned a reputation in the international art world as the most distinguished annual fine art fair in the region. Over the years, the fair has increasingly attracted leading galleries from all over the world. Fine Art Asia provides an unrivalled annual showcase for art and antiques from both East and West, leading the autumn’s peak art season in Hong Kong. Fine Art Asia 2023 will once again proudly present museum-quality Asian and Western antiques, jewellery, and modern and contemporary art.

Ink Asia 2023

Kang Chunhui (b. 1982)
Xu Mi No. 3
Ink and colour on paper
H. 60  x W. 60 cm
No. 55 Art Space, Beijing

Bai Ming (b. 1965)
Lines of Water Series No.4
H. 51 x D. 42 cm
Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery,
Hong Kong

Lee Kuang Yu (b. 1954)
Celestial vase
L. 33 x W. 32 x H. 199 cm
Chini Gallery, Taipei

About Ink Asia

Ink Asia, the first-ever art fair specialising in ink art, was successfully inaugurated in 2015. Ink Asia aims to promote ink art at an international level through an art fair platform. The fair presents galleries and artists from Hong Kong and other Asian countries, featuring ink works in a wide variety of different forms. Ink Asia explores the limitless possibilities of ink art and fosters a dialogue between traditional aesthetics and contemporary interpretations of ink, with the goal of promoting this traditional ink art to an international audience in an innovative way, particularly among young viewers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly emerged as a transformative force, bringing unlimited opportunities for the future development of art. In recent years, integrating technology with art has become an inevitable trend to enhance viewers’ experience. This year, the themes of Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia will blend the essence of artistic treasures with their historical and cultural significance, exploring the boundless possibilities of the integration of technology and art.

Academic Programme

This year, both fairs have the strongest line-up of the academic programme ever. Fine Art Asia is delighted to receive generous support from the Hong Kong Palace Museum and Hong Kong Art School, who have once again become the Education Partner of Fine Art Asia 2023. The Hong Kong Palace Museum, along with renowned institutions such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art and L’ECOLE Asia Pacific: School of Jewelry Arts, will collaborate with Fine Art Asia 2023 to deliver a series of lectures and seminars, enhancing academic discussion and fostering interaction among scholars, galleries, and collectors.

To celebrate the return of Ink Asia, we are grateful to partner with The Ink Society in hosting the Academic Programme at the fair by inviting experts from different fields. Esteemed experts including Cai Heng, the Senior Curator from the National Gallery Singapore, and Luk Yuping, the Curator of Chinese Paintings, Prints, and Central Asian Collections at the British Museum, among others, will share their valuable insights with the audiences during Ink Asia 2023.

Special Exhibition

“Le Jardin à Fine Art Asia”

The specially curated exhibition “Le Jardin à Fine Art Asia” at Fine Art Asia 2023 is a youthful and vibrant interpretation of antique collecting, presenting a range of antiques and artworks with a garden theme and the integration of artificial intelligence.

Inspired by the symbolism of a garden, Fine Art Asia 2023 curates a special exhibition titled “Le Jardin à Fine Art Asia”, dedicated to new audiences who are enthusiastic about exploring art collecting. A garden is often the first place we are exposed to the beauty of nature. It represents a microcosm of the vast diversity and grandeur that nature can offer. Whether one is looking to experience the intricacies of craftsmanship, touch the historical traces of antiquities, or simply appreciate the artworks at a close distance, we believe that one will discover hidden treasures in the exhibition that are available at a reasonable price and exceed one’s expectations. We hope this exhibition can kindle the passion for art collecting in aspiring collectors.

“A Tribute to Chu Hing Wah”

The Ink Society will present the special exhibition, “A Tribute to Chu Hing Wah” at Ink Asia 2023. It marks the seventh installment of the Ink Society’s “Tribute” series, which celebrates the art and legacies of master ink painters. Now in his 80s, Chu Hing Wah is one of Hong Kong’s most original artists, recognised for his evocative ink paintings of human figures and depictions of life in the city.

The exhibition presents a selection of works painted between 1988 and 2018 that highlight Chu’s artistic achievements and the evolution of his painting style. They encompass an array of themes, from floral arrangements and landscapes to portraits, scenes reminiscing his travels abroad, and vivid portrayals of life in Hong Kong. Through his creativity and sensitive observations, Chu’s paintings reveal his tenderness and deep respect for humanity.

Major Sponsors and Fair Partners

Fine Art Asia 2023 and Ink Asia 2023 are sponsored by LG Electronics who provide top-quality OLED TV and display screens throughout the fair area. Additionally, the fairs are also sponsored by The Macallan, one of the world’s leading single malt whiskies. We are also delighted to partner with Regent, Hong Kong, which offers the perfect accommodations for our international guests.

Warren Cheng, Director of Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia, said,

“Fine Art Asia has always been about bringing high-quality art to the public and collectors alike. This year, the same aspiration continues and can be seen in various aspects of the event.

We are thrilled to host Ink Asia once again. This art fair showcases the development of ink art through immersive and innovative presentations, aiming to present the evolution of ink art from a fresh and accessible perspective. We are eager to introduce the beauty and significance of this art form to new audiences. In addition, Fine Art Asia will also feature a special exhibition that combines artificial intelligence technology, with the aim of attracting young art enthusiasts and collectors.

We are expanding and changing our approach to adapt to a new way of art collecting. This year’s Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia will offer a completely new take on this traditional form of collecting, and we are very excited to share it with everyone.”

Andy Hei, Founder and Director of Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia, said,

“This year marks the first edition of Fine Art Asia after the end of the pandemic, and the highly acclaimed Ink Asia, which was suspended for three years due to the pandemic, is making a long-awaited return. We warmly welcome the return of overseas exhibitors and, together with local galleries and cultural institutions, aim to once again create an international and diverse art platform for Asian collectors and art enthusiasts. Let us witness the revival of the Asian art market together.”


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