Fair Directors

Andy Hei  |  Warren Cheng

Andy Hei, Founder and Director of Fine Art Asia

• Founder and Director, Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia, Hong Kong
• Founder and Director, Andy Hei Ltd.
• Founder and Director, Andy Hei Consultants Ltd.
• Founder, Hong Kong Antique and Art Galleries Association
• Honorary Advisor, International Craftsmen Association (2018 –)

Public Services
HKSAR Government
• Member of the Culture Commission, Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau (2023 – )
• Member of the Museum Advisory Committee (MAC); the Art Sub-committee under the MAC, Leisure and Cultural Services Department (2022 – )
• Member of the Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals, Immigration Department (2020 – )

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
• Member of Exhibition Centre Committee (2012 – 2015)
• Member of the Board (2020 – )
• Member of the Board of Hong Kong Palace Museum (2021 – )
• Member of Public Private Partnership Projects Committee (2021 – )
• Member of Performing Arts Committee (2021 – )
• Member of Development Committee (2023 – )

Council Member of Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2017 – 2022)
Trustee of Friends of Hong Kong Museum of Art (2019 – )
Board Director of The Ink Society (2022 – )

As a professional dealer of classical Chinese furniture, Andy Hei has been working on the research, identification, and conservation of huanghuali and zitan furniture from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. He has participated in major international art fairs such as Fine Art Asia and Art Basel Hong Kong. Additionally, he founded the Hong Kong Antiques and Art Galleries Association to promote the development of the industry.

As the founder and director of Fine Art Asia, Andy Hei is committed to exploring the possibilities between classic, contemporary, and future in art. From NFT, Metaverse to AI technology, Fine Art Asia continues to present a broader and richer artistic vision to its audience under the leadership of Andy Hei.

Warren Cheng, Director of Fine Art Asia

• Chairman of the Hong Kong Antique and Art Galleries Association
• Director of Fine Art Asia & Ink Asia
• Director of Wui Po Kok Antique Co. Ltd
• Patron and Donor of the Hong Kong Palace Museum

Warren Cheng
is a Hong Kong-based, third-generation antique dealer specialising in Chinese archaic art. His gallery, Wui Po Kok, was founded in the 1980s and has been active throughout the world. The gallery deals in a wide range of art forms, ranging from pottery and bronze vessels to sculptures and scholarly ceramic objects. In the few decades of its operation, the gallery has successfully helped prestigious international collectors and museums alike to reach new heights in their collections of Chinese art.

Warren Cheng holds an MA in Comparative and Public History from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and an MA in Buddhist Studies from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). He attended Brown University in USA, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Prior to joining the art industry, he has also worked in the prestigious management consultancy the Boston Consulting Group.

In recent years, Warren Cheng has been working to blend art and technology, in order to present cultural works in a new light. Notable projects include:

ㅤㅤ• Using 3D technologies (3D sculpting, VR, 3D scan, 3D print) to create an un-intrusive method to restore and present ancient relics (since 2019)

ㅤㅤ• Minting world’s first antique-based NFT series to create on-chain to off-chain experience (2021)

ㅤㅤ• Designing and launching world’s first Sandbox Metaverse game experience based on Chinese history and antique objects (2022)

ㅤㅤ• Demonstrated a use-case for AI generated art as compliments to already existing art industry at Art Basel Hong Kong (2023)

Renowned for his expertise in both art and technologies, Warren Cheng has been a frequent guest speaker in media and art events, including:

ㅤㅤ• “Enjoy Collecting” Symposium hosted by Kwai Fung Hin at JC Cube of Tai Kwun (2022)

ㅤㅤ• “Innovation Investment in NFT – Trends and Opportunities”, at the Asia Financial Forum (2022)

ㅤㅤ• “NFT and Blockchain technologies” internal workshop at the Hong Kong Palace Museum (2022)

ㅤㅤ• Mainstream media such as TVB, Cable TV, HK01 etc.