Special Programmes & Exhibitions

Fine Art Asia X the Sandbox
“Dawn of the Art Fair”

Fine Art Asia will be the first art fair in the world to offer a Sandbox Metaverse gaming experience with its special exhibition “Fine Art Asia x Sandbox: Art in the Metaverse” at Fine Art Asia 2022. Visitors will be greeted by different Sandbox game characters that are created with reference to centuries-old antiques, and can also take a look at the corresponding antiques up close. What’s more, there will be mini-games in the special exhibition that are designed according to the history and art background of the antiques, so that visitors can take part in the games and travel between reality and the Metaverse. Not only implementing the idea of “play-to-learn”, this special exhibition also brings a new dimension to art and ancient culture, thus carrying out the aim of “reviving ancient culture”.

“The Art of Flowers”

Presented by Ming Gallery, Wui Po Kok Antique Co. Ltd. and Hana Art


Renowned antique galleries Ming Gallery, Hong Kong and Wui Po Kok Antique Co. Ltd., Hong Kong will collaborate with Hana Art, a well-known Japanese Sogetsu floral design school in Hong Kong, to organise a special exhibition “The Art of Flowers” at this year’s fair. Ming Gallery will exhibit vases from the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), while Wui Po Kok will present vases dating from the Neolithic period (10,000 – 4,500 BC) to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), enhanced by the floral decorations of today created by Hana Art. The exhibition aims to be a celebration of Chinese traditional culture through the combined beauty of floral art and antiques.


“A Tribute to Yu Peng”

Presented by The Ink Society


The Ink Society will present a special exhibition “A Tribute to Yu Peng” at Fine Art Asia 2022. This exhibition is the sixth instalment of The Ink Society’s continuing “Tribute” series, which celebrates the art and legacies of master ink painters. Yu Peng (1955-2014) was one of the few contemporary ink artists who led a traditional literati life that was re-interpreted for modern day society. As well as painting, he practised design, pottery and woodwork, and built a charming garden that became his haven in the midst of urban Taipei. Many friends and fellow artists spent hours chatting with each other while enjoying Yu Peng’s warm hospitality. 


“Words & Flowers”

Presented by Fine Art Asia

The video project, “Words & Flowers”, at Fine Art Asia 2022 will exhibit selected outstanding works by two leading new media artists. The 4 Channels video work “It All Begins with a Word” by Hung Keung attempts to provide a new interpretation of the development and history of Hong Kong literature with different images. The generative video “A Moment” by Ng Sio Leng, Cindy, strives to soothe our bodies and souls in the post-pandemic era with ever-growing flowers and the resonance of Sanskrit sounds.