SEP 2023

Fine Art Asia 2023
Embracing the New Trend in Cross-Collecting
5 – 8 October

A pair of double gourd jars
Qing Dynasty, Kangxi period (c. 1710)
H. 111 cm (each)
W. 49 kg (each)
Vanderven Oriental Art,
The Netherlands

Raudrantaka Mahakala
Tibet, 19th century
Distemper on cloth
H. 139.7 x W. 94.3 cm
Rossi & Rossi,
Hong Kong/London

18ct yellow gold and enamel form watch in the shape of
an elephant
c. 1820
Made for the Chinese Market
Somlo London

Fine Art Asia 2023, Asia’s leading international fine art fair, returns to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from Thursday 5 October to Sunday 8 October 2023, with a VIP Preview on Wednesday, 4 October 2023.

After three years, Fine Art Asia 2023 is delighted to bring together prominent Hong Kong and international galleries once again, delivering another vibrant art fair featuring a wide range of collecting categories. On display are artworks spanning over 5,000 years of cultural history, from ancient Chinese bronzes through to contemporary art.

About Fine Art Asia

Fine Art Asia was founded in 2006 by Hong Kong art experts and has earned a reputation in the international art world as the most distinguished annual fine art fair in the region. Over the years, the fair has increasingly attracted leading galleries from all over the world. Fine Art Asia provides an unrivalled annual showcase for art and antiques from both East and West, leading the autumn’s peak art season in Hong Kong. Fine Art Asia 2023 will once again proudly present museum-quality Asian and Western antiques, jewellery, and modern and contemporary art.

Highlight Galleries

Renowned international antique exhibitors returning to the fair include Carlton Rochell Asian Art, New York, and Rossi & Rossi, Hong Kong/London, presenting Chinese and Himalayan works of art; Luohan Tang, Paris/Hong Kong and Ever Arts Gallery, Hong Kong showcase Chinese furniture and works of art; Vanderven Oriental Art, The Netherlands specialises in Chinese porcelain and works of art, highlighting a pair of double gourd jars from the Qing Dynasty, and a carpet depicting the panoramic view of the Shanghai Bund from Xinjiang, dating back to c.1933-35. Jorge Welsh Works of Art, London/Lisbon specialises in Chinese porcelain and cross-cultural works of art from Africa and Asia, presenting a copper-decorated wall mirror and a triple gourd-shaped vase from the Qing Dynasty. Santos, London showcases Chinese porcelain, featuring a Chinese Jizhou ceramic papercut “prunus bowl”; Maria Kiang Chinese Art, Hong Kong presents exquisite scholar’s objects, including a vertical ‘Lingbi’ scholar’s rock from the Ming Dynasty; Rasti Fine Art, Hong Kong and Lam’s Gallery, Hong Kong with Chinese antiques and works of art.

The Duke of York charger, a large silver-gilt sideboard dish
by Edward Farrell
London, 1820
D. 68.6 cm
W. 3,794.2 g
Koopman Rare Art, London

Eastern India
Pala period, 10th/ 11th century
Gilt copper with silver and turquoise
H. 15.6 cm
Carlton Rochell Asian Art,
New York

Tung Chiao (b. 1942)
Under the Moon Light
Ink on wax paper with hand-painted cloud pattern
H. 22 x W. 84 cm
Pine’s Art, Taipei/ Shanghai

Koopman Rare Art, London and Esmé Parish Silver, Singapore/Hong Kong return with fine antique silver, and Koopman Rare Art will showcase the Duke of York charger, a large silver-gilt sideboard dish by renowned silversmith Edward Farrell; Somlo London with antique timepieces, including an 18ct yellow gold and enamel form watch that was made for the Chinese market, dating back to c.1820; while Sue Ollemans, London with Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian jewellery and YEWN, Hong Kong with fine art jewellery.

In the art section, ART PERSPECTIVE Limited, Hong Kong presents a few of the most important and renowned Italian painters of the 17th and 18th centuries, including a rare painting by Canaletto (1697-1768) that will be displayed in Hong Kong after several years. wamono art, Hong Kong/Tokyo showcases works by Japanese artists Shinya Tanoue and Yuki Onodera. Soluna Fine Art, Hong Kong exhibits exclusively Korean artists working in a variety of different media. Pine’s Art, Taipei/Shanghai presents Chinese calligraphy works by Tung Chiao and other well-known artists. The Gallery by SOIL, Hong Kong showcases contemporary lacquer art, featuring works by the craft master Gan Erke; Yumekoubou, Hong Kong/Kyoto features refined bamboo sculptural work by esteemed Japanese bamboo artist Tanabe Chikuunsai IV.

This year, we are excited to welcome some new galleries, including Anastasia von Seibold Japanese Art, London and UKIYO-E PROJECT, Tokyo/Los Angeles. They will be presenting Japanese ukiyo-e art from traditional and contemporary perspectives respectively. Anastasia von Seibold Japanese Art specialises in Japanese woodblock prints from the 18th to the 20th century, while UKIYO-E PROJECT focuses on contemporary ukiyo-e art.

*Please refer to the appendix for more highlighted pieces of Fine Art Asia 2023.

Special Exhibitions

Le Jardin à Fine Art Asia

With the aim of kindling the passion for art collecting in aspiring collectors, this specially curated exhibition is a youthful and vibrant interpretation of antique collecting, presenting a range of antiques and artworks with a garden theme and the integration of artificial intelligence. Inspired by the symbolism of a garden, Le Jardin à Fine Art Asia is dedicated to new audiences who are enthusiastic about exploring art collecting. A garden is often the first place we are exposed to the beauty of nature. It represents a microcosm of nature’s vast diversity and grandeur. Whether one is looking to experience the intricacies of craftsmanship, touch the historical traces of antiquities, or simply appreciate the artworks at a close distance, we believe that one will discover hidden treasures in the exhibition that are available at a reasonable price and exceed one’s expectations.

The Aesthetics of Wandering

Wandering, following.

Showcasing antique furniture and contemporary artworks, this exhibition aims to create a space where viewers can follow their hearts and wander around. Viewers can forget their troubles, indulge their senses in art, or focus intently on every detail, as they traverse the past and the present, and appreciate the purest beauty of art.

Academic Programme

Fine Art Asia 2023 is delighted to receive generous support from the Hong Kong Palace Museum and Hong Kong Art School, who have once again become the Education Partners of the fair. In collaboration with renowned institutions such as the Hong Kong Museum of History and L’ÉCOLE Asia Pacific: School of Jewelry Arts, Fine Art Asia 2023 will deliver a series of lectures and seminars, enriching academic discussion and fostering interaction among scholars, galleries, and collectors.

Major Sponsors and Fair Partners

Fine Art Asia 2023 is sponsored by LG Electronics, providing top-quality OLED TV and display screens throughout the fair area. Additionally, the fair is supported by The Macallan, one of the world’s leading single malt whiskies. We are also pleased to have Regent Hong Kong as our hotel partner, offering exceptional accommodations and dining experiences for our international guests.

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