Mar 2023

Fine Art Asia Pavilion at Art Basel Hong Kong
21 – 25 March 2023


Fine Art Asia 2023 is pleased to announce its participation in Art Basel Hong Kong 2023. The Fine Art Asia Pavilion will be launched at Art Basel Hong Kong, which takes place from 21 – 25 March at Booth 3E18, Level 3, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Fine Art Asia has earned an international reputation for presenting museum-quality fine art exhibited by world -renowned galleries from Asia, Europe and the USA, providing a unique platform for cross-collecting of traditional and contemporary works of art. This spring, Fine Art Asia is delighted to present a group exhibition entitled ‘Otherworldly’, set in the Fine Art Asia Pavilion at Art Basel Hong Kong.

Co-curated by the organiser of Fine Art Asia and 7 prominent galleries, ‘Otherworldly’ presents an exquisite selection of antiques and works of art that evokes imagination of other worlds – whether they are fantasies, parallel universes, or simply a different space and time. In ‘Otherworldly’, Fine Art Asia blends traditional and modern display methods such as animation and AI visuals to construct three exhibition areas. They are “Portals to parallel universes”, “Landscapes of an-other-world”, and “Strangely familiar royal display”. Through these areas, visitors will be taken on a visual journey that spans thousands of years and across cultures and mediums.

About Fine Art Asia Pavilion
This year marks the third edition of The Fine Art Asia Pavilion at Art Basel Hong Kong, in which we will be presenting antiques and contemporary art with the philosophy of cross-collecting.

‘Traverse: Once Modern’, the first edition, brought antiques to the contemporary world; while ‘ARTique’, the second edition, took audiences on a transformative journey by presenting the dialogue between traditional and contemporary works of art. Following these two previous exhibitions, the upcoming ‘Otherworldly’ shares the common theme of exploring the relationship between antique and contemporary art, and proceeds to discuss how antiques and contemporary art confront the challenges posed by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). It hopes to convey the idea that technology is not a threat, but rather, an effective tool that can facilitate curatorial processes and theme design, which ultimately helps both antiques and contemporary art reach a broader range of audiences.

7 participating galleries include Chelesa Art (Hong Kong/Shanghai), exhibiting Chinese ink paintings by famous Chinese ink artists, including Stewart Wong (b.1946), Hong Jian (b.1967) and Ren Zhong (b.1979), Ever Arts Gallery (Hong Kong), showcasing classical Chinese furniture and scholar’s objects; Andy Hei Ltd. (Hong Kong), presenting Chinese antiques and works of art; Maria Kiang Chinese Art (Hong Kong), specialising in Chinese scholar’s objects; Rossi & Rossi (London/Hong Kong), specialising in Himalayan and Chinese works of art; Wui Po Kok (Hong Kong), presenting antique Chinese ceramics and works of art; Yumekoubou (Kyoto/Hong Kong), exhibiting exquisite Japanese bamboo art by the four generations of Chikuunsai and a significant work of Japanese ink master Yuichi Inoue (1916 – 1985).

Inspired by the ancient culture, Hong Kong animation artist Step Cheung will present a series of animated and physical works in response to the exhibited antiques and works of art. These works explore the possibilities of incorporating traditional art styles with contemporary themes and will bring new perspectives to the subject.

Warren Cheng, Director of Fine Art Asia, said, ‘It is a rare chance to have antiques and contemporary works exhibited in the same space on such a scale and with such quality. By juxtaposing these works, we wish to put forth the idea that however our taste and aesthetics may change over time, human emotions remain the most critical element in the expression of art. We hope visitors can come and feel the progression of this expression over the great tide of time.’

Fine Art Asia Pavilion in Art Basel Hong Kong 2023 is sponsored by LG Electronics which provides OLED TV and display screens in the exhibition area. Andy Hei, Founder and Director of Fine Art Asia, said ‘Fine Art Asia Pavilion 2023 is our first large-scale project to be organised in the post-pandemic times. We have carefully selected a variety of antiques for this third exhibition, in hopes to continue with the theme of the previous pavilions, which is to explore the infinite possibilities of technology, antique and art. It would be our pleasure to be able to introduce a brand new perspective to the visitors of Art Basel Hong Kong to learn about both history and art.’

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