Special Exhibitions


70 + 30: The Hei Formula 
Booth D2

Huanghuali painting table
Ming Dynasty, early 17th century
L. 252 x D. 83 x H. 85 cm

Shi Lu (1919-1982)
Ink and colour on paper
Hanging scroll
H. 77 x W. 50 cm
H. 208 x W. 69 cm (framed)

Huanghuali rose pattern low-back armchairs
Ming Dynasty, early 17th century
L. 58.5 x D. 44.5 x H. 88 cm x 6

This exhibition comprises classical Chinese furniture and Chinese paintings from the private collections of renowned collector and dealer, Mr Hei Hung-Lu and his son Andy Hei, founder and director of Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia.  Mr Hei Hung-Lu began his career in 1949, when he arrived in Hong Kong from Beijing, and over the years he would often passionately collect as he dealt. “70” refers to his 70 years’ experience in the antiques business, as well as 70% of their knowledge as antique furniture dealers coming from closely viewing artworks. “30” refers to Andy Hei’s 30 years in the antiques business, starting in 1989 as assistant to the late legendary New York dealer and collector Robert H. Ellsworth; as well as 30% of their knowledge gained from listening to stories from others.



Lines: The Cultural Difference and Integration between East and West
Booth B11

This special exhibition is curated by the Chinese artist Lin Guocheng, who is known for his amazing ink landscapes drawn with a pen. The exhibition aims to present the beauty of lines in both Oriental and Western art. Showcased are collotype prints produced in Japan of works by the early Tang Dynasty painter Wu Daozi (680-759), who is considered as one of the masters of the 7th century; as well as etchings by the renowned German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). Lin Guocheng will also present his latest pen and ink works in the exhibition in order to explore the possibility of integrating the use of lines from East and West.