Special Exhibitions


International Craftsmen Association

Exhibiting for the first time at Fine Art Asia 2018, the aim of the Association is to unite craftsmen worldwide, promote craft culture, encourage young people’s interest in crafts, and let Hong Kong people know more about craftsmen’s experiences. Artworks from Japan, China and Hong Kong are featured, including Tenmoku tea bowls by Takeshi Furukawa, pewter and other Japanese metal arts by Seikado of Kyoto, works by Hong Kong’s first resin wood craftsman Rolland Cheung and botanical pieces by Irene Choy.


Sculpture Contemporary 2018

Curated by Eric Leung and presented by Fine Art Asia 2018, ‘Sculpture Contemporary 2018’ features the work of established Hong Kong artists Kevin Fung, Ho Yuen Leung, Tenme Kwan, Jaffa Lam, Lam Yau Sum, Danny Lee, Jarvis Luk, Man Fung Yi, Mok Yat San and Matthew Tsang.