Boogie Woogie Photography


Contemporary photography
Exhibited Artists: Roger Ballen, Chak Wai Leung, Stephanie Cheng, Billy Monk, Sabine Weiss,
Jacques Henri Lartigues, Stephen King, Takeshi Shikama, Raymond Cauchetier
Booth: E1

Stéphanie Cheng (b. 1995)
From Here (Highway Stop), 2018
Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle paper
Edition: 3/10 +2 AP
H. 75 x W. 75 cm 

Boogie Woogie Photography was founded by Vanessa Franklin and Xavier Mahe in Hong Kong in 2016 to promote photography in Asia. It is named after a type of music loved by the artist Piet Mondrian. Vanessa Franklin is a French photographer who worked in Paris and London before going to Japan where she was on the organising committee of the Tokyo Photo Art Fair in 2012 and 2013. Xavier Mahe is a specialist in cultural affairs and communication. Since 2015 he has been Cultural Project Manager at the Alliance Française in Hong Kong. In 2016 he helped to create a partnership between the French International Photo Festival and the Hong Kong International Photo Festival through exhibitions and artist residencies.

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