Nicholas Grindley LLC

The Online Chinese Scholar’s Object Show
Thursday 1st October – Saturday 31st October 2020


Nicholas Grindley LLC
The Online Chinese Scholar's Object Show
October 2020

A rootwood brushpot using the natural form of the wood with a solid base and flat lip and the body retaining the natural knots and burrs, bearing an inscription and a seal of Jin Nong
Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period (1736-1795)
Dated 1745
H.14cm, W.13.7cm

We are proud to present our first online exhibition, featuring 16 scholar’s objects, each carefully chosen to fulfil the needs of the Chinese scholar – from brushes to brushpots, ink-cakes to inkstones, each object served a purpose and would have commonly been found in a scholar’s studio during the Qing Dynasty.

Visit our website Nicholas Grindley from 1st to 31st October to view.