Enlargement! – VIP Guided Tour

Date: 23 November 2023 (Wednesday)

Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Language: Cantonese

Address: Star Ferry Pier 7, Central

Register Method: Please make the reservation by filling out this Registration Form in at least 2 days advance. 

*The curator will lead the guided tour


Is it necessary for an ink installation to include ink and water?

A few years ago, M+ organized an exhibition of its ink art collection entitled “The Weight of Lightness” in which it presented that “ink” is an important aesthetic expression and exploration in contemporary visual culture. Art historian Martina Köppel-Yan also wrote an article on the curatorial approach to open up a wider understanding of the spirituality of ink art from the perspective of the characteristics of ink creation in contemporary art contexts.

Based on the temporal and spatial dimensions of ink landscape paintings, as well as the man-made garden practices, the upcoming exhibition “Enlargement!” reinterprets the landscape of the Victoria Harbour by presenting three sets of site-specific installations.

Monumental Ink Art Installation II 

—— Enlargement!

Curator: Zoie Yung

Participating Artists: Wai Pongyu, Cai Jian, Li Hanwei