Fine Art Asia Pavilion 典亞藝博展亭: Cheuk Ka Wai, Cherie 卓家慧


Cheuk Ka Wai, Cherie (b. 1989)
Beyond Time
Ink and colour on golden cardboard, patterned glass, solid wood frame
H. 18 x W. 38 cm (painting)
H. 22.5 x W. 71 cm (with frame)

卓家慧 (1989年生)
原木框高. 18 x 寬. 38 公分 (畫心)
高. 22.5 x 寬. 71 公分 (鏡框)

Antiquities are like the containers of time. They seem to carry the ancient magic, bringing us human history, culture and legacy transcending beyond space and time. The nostalgic objects will also become antiquities at some point as time goes by. Just like a time machine, it will show our posterity how our lives and culture look like.
Base on these thoughts, I depicted the sparrow we see in everyday life, the rooster graphic on the Chinese crockery in the old day, and the image of ancient bronze ware, framed with the nostalgic patterned glass. The work itself shows a dreamlike imagination on time and antiquities.