Fine Art Asia Pavilion 典亞藝博展亭: Lam Yau Sum 林佑森

Lam Yau Sum (b. 1981)
A Tree Protects? XXII
Enamel paints on circuit board, copper wire, tin and wood
39 x 28 x 21 cm

林佑森 (1981年生)
大樹底下好遮蔭? XXII
39 x 28 x 21公分

Electronic products, copper water pipe and wire are manufactured and distributed in the city using the modern industrial products. They become electronic waste disposed in the city once their original function is lost. I collected and paint on those discarded abandoned products and the waste materials are transformed into a series of a new cityscape. The recent sculptures using ready-mades further investigate the mutating city habitats.