Fine Art Asia Pavilion: Maria Kiang Chinese Art 典亞藝博展亭: Maria Kiang中國藝術

Having established Maria Kiang Chinese Art in 2006, Maria Kiang has developed an international reputation as one of the leading specialists in Chinese antiques, notably for her discerning taste in literati and Imperial scholar’s objects, Buddhist art, jades, Song ceramics, and various works of art which she exhibits at major international fairs, such as Fine Art Asia in Hong Kong and TEFAF New York. She has worked with numerous important collectors and various museums around the world, receiving great acclaim for her understanding of Chinese antiques as well as her discovery of rare and unique works of art. Maria Kiang Chinese Art produces a catalogue every year exclusively for Fine Art Asia, presenting elegant objects for the scholar’s desk.

Maria Kiang是中國古董界的領先專家,她自於2006年創立Maria Kiang中國藝術以來,一直享譽國際。Maria Kiang見著於其在文人與皇室用品、佛教藝術、玉器、宋瓷及其他藝術品上的非凡品味,並於重要的國際藝博會,如香港的典亞藝博和TEFAF紐約中展出。她與世界上無數的重要藏家和博物館合作,以對中國古董和稀有獨特藝術品的理解和發現而聞名。Maria Kiang中國藝術每年特地為典亞藝博出版一本圖錄,呈現文人書桌上的雅致擺件。

Exhibited artworks 展出作品

A bamboo nine-chilong parfumier
17th century
L. 17.5 cm

長. 17.5 公分

A turquoise scholar’s rock
Qing Dynasty, 18th century
H. 11 cm (Excluding stand)

清 松石山子
高. 11 公分 (不包含底座)

A bamboo root ‘prunus’ waterpot
Qing Dynasty, 18th century
H. 5.2 cm
Provenance: An East Asian Private Collection

清 竹根雕梅花型水洗
高. 5.2公分

A small agate table screen
Qing Dynasty, 18-19th century
H. 14 (including stand) x W. 12.5 cm (Agate)
Provenance: Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat

清 瑪腦山水紋硯屏
高. 14 (含底座) x 寬. 12.5公分(瑪瑙)

An imperial zitan ‘sanduo’ ruyi
Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period
L. 34.7 cm
清乾隆 紫檀三多如意
長. 34.7公分

A jade group depicting an eagle and bear (‘yingxiong’)
Yuan Dynasty
Provenance: The Kirknorton collection
元 三色玉英雄把件

A bamboo root ruyi scepter
Qing Dynasty, 18 century
L. 40 cm
清 竹根鏤空雕九如如意
長. 40 公分

A large burlwood ‘leaf’ tray

17 century

L. 53 cm



長. 34.7 公分

A longquan celadon pail
Ming Dynasty, Early 15th Century

An imperial agate spill vase
Qing Dynasty, 18th century
H. 8.2 cm (vase only)
H. 12 cm (including stand)

清中期 瑪瑙靈芝松椿蝙蝠花插(象牙原座)
高. 8.2公分(不含底座)
高. 12公分(含底座)

An imperial set of ivory ‘xiangqi’ pieces with painted lacquered boxes
Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng period (1723-1735)
H. 7.2 cm (box including covers)
D. 3.7 cm (Xiang Qi pieces)
Provenance: A French private collection, acquired in the early 20th Century

清雍正 宮廷象牙彩漆描金冰梅紋象棋帶原漆盒
高. 7.2 公分(漆盒含蓋)
直徑. 3.7公分(象棋)
來源:法國私人收藏,購於 20 世紀初

A gilt-bronze brushrest with two entwining ‘chilong’ dragons
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
L. 22 cm
Provenance: A French private collection

明 銅鎏金交龍筆架
長. 22公分

A pebble-form inkstone with compendium booklet with depictions of the inkstone by various artists
Qing Dynasty, Meiji period

A rootwood incense stand
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
L. 60 cm

清 癭木根隨型香座
長. 60公分

A gilt-splashed bronze censer with handles
17th century
‘Da Ming Xuande Nianzhi’ mark on base

A gilt-splashed bronze censer with ‘makara’ handles
Qing Dynasty, 17th century
‘Da Ming Xuande Nianzhi’ mark on base
D. 19 cm

清 銅胎灑金獸耳爐
直徑. 19公分

A jadeite mountain-form brushrest
Qing Dynasty, 18-19th century
L. 15cm
Provenance: Spink & Sons Ltd.

清 翡翠圓雕山子筆架連象牙座
長. 15公分

Large rootwood sculpture
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
H. 90 cm (including base)
Provenance: Ni Liu Zhai collection

清 木根仿供石連座
高. 90公分

A grey ‘Ying’ scholar’s rock
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

A yellowish-grey ‘Taihu’ scholar’s rock
Song to Ming Dynasty
H. 58 cm (including base)

宋至明 灰太湖石山子
高. 58公分(含底座)

A vertically-oriented grey ‘Ying’ scholar’s rock
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
H. 60.2 cm (including base)
Provenance: Richard Rosenblum collection

明 灰英石山子
高. 60.2公分(含底座)
來源:Richard Rosenblum珍藏

A vertically-oriented ‘Laoshan’ scholar’s rock
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
H. 45 cm (including base)

清 嶗山供石連座
高. 45公分(含底座)

A small black ‘Lingbi’ scholar’s rock with inscription
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
H. 24 cm (with stand)

清 黑靈璧石帶皮題詩山子
高. 24 公分(含底座)

A small black ‘Lingbi’ scholar’s rock with inscription
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
H. 24 cm (with stand)

清 黑靈璧石帶皮題詩山子
高. 24 公分(含底座)

A jadeite goose
Qing Dynasty, 18th century
H. 7 cm
Provenance: Paul Blondeau, France

清 翡翠鵝擺件
高. 7 公分
來源:Paul Blondeau, 法國