Fine Art Asia Pavilion: Maria Kiang Chinese Art 典亞藝博展亭: Maria Kiang中國藝術

A rootwood tripod censer with base and cover
Qing Dynasty, 18th Century
H. 14.6cm (including base)

清代 樹根圓雕鼎式香爐
高. 14.6公分(連底座)

The censer is fashioned from a natural hollowed gnarled rootwood with a compressed globular body flanked by two openwork handles beneath the flared mouthrim. The censer tapers down to three straight feet and rests on a wooden base. The domed cover is pierced with a stylised ruyi motif and topped by a carnelian knop.
The wood is patinated to a lustrous deep caramel colour.

A related garlic-mouthed vase is published in The Palace Museum Collection of Elite Carvings 故宮雕刻珍萃, Beijing, 2002 p. 110, Catalogue No. 75.