Fine Art Asia Pavilion 典亞藝博展亭: Wong Sze Wai 黃詩慧

Wong Sze Wai (b. 1990)
The Garden
Ink, water-based colour, colour pigments and clay on canvas
H. 80 x W. 120 cm

黃詩慧 (1990年生)
高. 80 x寬. 120公分

The Garden shows Wong’s experience and imagination of a forgotten place in the city suburb. The landfills depicted in the work represents the buried past memories and traces of human activities in which covered with turquoise fabrics and tyres. The artwork explores human habitats and the abandoned places in a poetic way through imagination and association to the past and present, providing audience an immersive timeless imaginative space. Wong hopes to provide a different perspective towards where we live by digging and searching buried past through her artwork in order to discover a new world.