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Jadeite “dragon and phoenix” with diamond and coloured diamond necklace
Jadeite approx. 51 x 32 x 5 mm
ILIA Jewellery, Hong Kong

The exquisite art piece “Dragon and Phoenix” (known as fenhuang in Chinese) is a luxurious jadeite necklace adorned with diamond and coloured diamond pendants. The mythical creatures, dragon and phoenix, are grand symbols of the emperor and his queen. However, they hold much more significance than simply symbolising auspicious motifs in Chinese traditional art and craft. In ancient China, they were worshipped as totems, believed to bring luck and harmony. Additionally, they represent the eternal love shared between husband and wife, as they possess the ability to soar through the sky.

The pendants of the “Dragon and Phoenix” necklace are meticulously crafted from translucent fei cui jade plaques in two pieces, emitting a vibrant green hue. Skilled artisans intricately carved each piece to depict a dragon and a phoenix. Furthermore, the back of each pendant is adorned with floral motifs, enhanced by circular-cut and multi-coloured diamonds. The two pendant pieces are suspended from the necklace by brilliant-cut diamond surmounts, weighing 0.83 and 0.80 carats respectively, and mounted in 18-karat white, yellow, and pink gold. The largest jadeite plaque measures approximately 51 x 32 x 5mm. This necklace reflects the rich Chinese tradition and cultural heritage, offering a glimpse into the grandeur and historical significance of the past.