Karen Suen Fine Jewellery


Designed fine jewellery
Booth: C6

18K gold conch pearl and diamond ring
Composed with a 21.65ct natural conch pearl, set off with diamond slices and diamond beads over 50ct

Karen Suen Fine Jewellery design has a classic motif with an inventive twist. The refined taste and originality of Karen’s designs is highly desirable for both casual glamour and evening elegance.

Karen Suen, founder of Karen Collection, is one of the most promising new designers in Hong Kong. Since 2006, Karen’s exquisite handmade designer jewellery collections have captured the attention of the most discerning collectors across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan , Southeast Asia, the USA and Europe. Each and every piece of Karen’s jewellery is a collectible work of art created using the finest natural gems and diamonds mounted in gold or platinum that are suitable for casual everyday glamour as well as exquisite evening elegance. The company’s exclusive client portfolio includes an extensive array of private collectors, industry experts, celebrities and high profile socialites from around the world who seek highly desirable jewellery that is unique yet unpretentious.

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