May 2022


Fine Art Asia Pavilion at Art Basel Hong Kong
25 – 29 May 2022

Fine Art Asia 2022 is pleased to announce its participation in Art Basel Hong Kong 2022. The Fine Art Asia Pavilion will be launched at Art Basel Hong Kong as a special feature of the show, which takes place from 25 – 29 May at Booth 1B29, Hall 1B, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Fine Art Asia has earned an international reputation for presenting museum-quality fine art exhibited by world-renowned galleries from Asia, Europe and the USA, providing a unique platform for cross-collecting of traditional and contemporary works of art. This year, Fine Art Asia is delighted to present a group exhibition entitled ‘ARTique’, set in the Fine Art Asia Pavilion at Art Basel Hong Kong.

‘ARTique’ is the portmanteau word of ‘Art’ and ‘Antique’. Co-curated by the organiser of Fine Art Asia and Mr Eric Leung Shiu-kee, ‘ARTique’ presents a dialogue between traditional and contemporary works of art. The exhibition brings together 6 prominent galleries specialising in different aspects of historical art to exhibit antiques from their respective periods, and invites 20 artists to select or create unique artworks with inspirations from antique elements for the exhibition.

‘ARTique’ takes its audience on a transformative journey by creating a new synergy between the past and the present. Exquisite antiques selected by the 6 participating galleries present museum-quality fine art spanning 4,000 years of cultural history, including Chelesa Art (Hong Kong/Shanghai), exhibiting Chinese ink paintings; Ever Arts Gallery (Hong Kong), showcasing classical Chinese furniture; Andy Hei Ltd (Hong Kong), presenting Chinese antiques furniture and works of art; Maria Kiang Chinese Art (Hong Kong), specialising in Chinese scholar’s objects; Rossi & Rossi (Hong Kong/London), specialising in Himalayan works of art; and Wui Po Kok (Hong Kong), presenting Chinese bronze and works of art.

To communicate with the ancient culture in unique art form and language, 20 artists present a series of contemporary artworks with historical elements in diversified mediums, such as ink paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, kinetic installations and videos, exploring the interaction between classical art and contemporary concepts. Highlights include Jumping Han Art Series: Let’s Sing and Dance (2022) by Hung Keung, an installation work with digital moving images inspired by the animal crafts on bricks back to the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 – 220 AD); Beyond Time (2022) by Cherie Cheuk Ka Wai, a gong-bi (meticulous) ink painting that depicts a bronze incense cup from the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD); and Falling Into A Trance: A Momentary Dream (2015) by Mok Yat San, a cloud-shaped sculpture set on an antique vase that conveys a poetic conception.

Following on the overwhelming response from dealers and collectors after the first NFTs introduction last year, Fine Art Asia Pavilion is proud to present the world’s first 2 original characters created with traditional Chinese aesthetics in the Sandbox metaverse at Art Basel Hong Kong 2022, featuring a combination of ancient and modern art, culture and virtual financial technology.

To integrate the artistic conception of the traditional Chinese shan-shui (landscape) painting, the design of the Fine Art Asia Pavilion features the elements of ancient Suzhou Garden, providing audiences a pleasing experience in time-travelling.

– End –