Pine’s Art

Chinese ink paintings

Booth: C16

Exhibited Artists: Tung Chiao, Zhou Kexi, Yang Zhishui, Bai Qianshen, Li Chunen, Lu Hao, Huang Chienliang, Chen Rudong, Gu Jing, Lin Xi

Chang Ch’ung-Ho (1914-2015)
“Plum Blossom” by Han Yu
Ink on wax paper with gold leaf
H. 66 x W. 29 cm

Founded in 2013, Pine’s Art has gallery spaces in both Taipei and Shanghai. The gallery has made great efforts to introduce calligraphy works of important Chinese scholars such as Tung Chiao, Bai Qianshen, Chang Tachun, and Lu Hao to a wider audience. Pine’s Art also discovers unique ink artists, such as Chen Rudong, Huang Chienliang, and Gu Jin. Respecting the Chinese literary heritage, the vision of the gallery is to seek contemporary artists who are capable of expressing the spirit of Chinese philosophy and Oriental aesthetics.

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