ProArtique Limited

Contemporary art and Chinese works of art

Booth: E15

Exhibited Artists: Ekrem Yazici, Zhang Lingyu, Ya Jun

Zhang Lingyu (b. 1974)
Life in the Cloud
H. 32 cm

Established in 2019, ProArtique is a Hong Kong-based gallery that specialises in antique Chinese artworks, including paintings, porcelains, jade objects and sculptures. The gallery name ‘ProArtique’ is a portmanteau of ‘Professional Art Antique’, reflecting the company’s commitment to professionalism and expertise in the field. The gallery aims to inherit, re-innovate, and promote traditional Chinese culture. The gallery also recognises the value of contemporary art and plans to help contemporary artists who reference traditional Chinese culture in their work gain international recognition. By bridging Western contemporary art and Chinese traditional art, ProArtique hopes to showcase the charm of traditional Chinese culture to the art world.

Contact details
Room B, 19/F, Henfa Commercial, No. 348-350, Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
T: +852 3596 5155