Sept 2019


Fine Art Asia 2019 and Ink Asia 2019 provide platform of distinction
4-7 October 2019


Emerald spiral bracelet
Natural emeralds set in 18k yellow gold
Yvel, Motza, Israel

Plaque with ‘Le Bain’ after Louis-Marin Bonnet (1736-1793)
Porcelain decorated in overglaze polychrome enamels and gold
Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period
c. 1780-1790
Jorge Welsh Works of Art, London/Lisbon

Wong Yee-ki (b. 1988)
Being in Time
Mixed media
H. 69 x W. 69 cm
Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong

Fine Art Asia 2019, Asia’s leading international fine art fair, and Ink Asia 2019, the world’s first art fair dedicated to ink art, will lead this autumn’s peak art season in Hong Kong. The fairs will be held alongside each other in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from Friday 4 October to Monday 7 October 2019, with a VIP Preview and Vernissage on Thursday, 3 October.

Fine Art Asia 2019 is recognised by the international art world as the most distinguished annual fine art fair in the region. Founded in 2006, the fair attracts leading Hong Kong and international galleries, and provides an unrivalled platform for art and antiques in Asia. As usual, Fine Art Asia 2019 spans 5,000 years of cultural history, showcasing museum-quality Asian and Western antiques, jewellery, antique silver and timepieces; modern and contemporary art.

Ink Asia 2019, founded in 2015, was the world’s first art fair dedicated to contemporary ink. Ink Asia is now acclaimed as a unique international platform for modern and contemporary ink art. The fair presents an impressive array of ink and ink-inspired works, influenced by traditional ink painting but following innovative artistic paths.

Once again this year, Fine Art Asia 2019 and Ink Asia 2019 are staged at the peak of the art season in Hong Kong, at the same time as major art auctions in the same venue, attracting dealers, collectors and art connoisseurs from all over the world.


Launch of The Masterpiece Pavilion

This year Fine Art Asia is pleased to be in partnership with Masterpiece Fair and to welcome the inaugural Masterpiece Pavilion at Fine Art Asia 2019, representing leading Western galleries. Masterpiece has established a worldwide reputation as a leading cross-collecting fair, offering the finest European works of art, design, furniture and jewellery, from antiquity to the present day. The Masterpiece Pavilion will thus introduce more high-quality Western art to the Asian audience in Hong Kong.

Paul Cézanne (1839-1906)
La Vie des Champs
Painted c. 1876-77
Oil on canvas
H. 26.6 x W. 35.2 cm
Agnews, London

A pair of George III ormolu ice pails
from the Shugborough Suite
by Benjamin Vulliamy
H. 30 x D. 22 cm
Ronald Phillips Ltd., London

Director of Fine Art Asia 2019 and Ink Asia 2019, Andy Hei said,

“The art market in Hong Kong continues to develop apace, with support from the government and creative initiatives by the industry. As always, our aim is to create a professional platform for the art market in Hong Kong, and to promote cultural exchange between East and West. This year we are happy to launch a collaboration between Fine Art Asia and Masterpiece Fair, and thus we will offer an even wider selection of high-quality artworks to satisfy the desires of eager and knowledgeable Asian collectors.” 

Galleries have welcomed the new partnership. Lewis Smith, director of leading antique silver dealer Koopman Rare Art (London), said, Koopman Rare Art has continuously exhibited at Fine Art Fair Asia since it started and we have witnessed it evolve into the premier art fair in Hong Kong. Not only has there been an increase in visitor attendance over the years, the fair has become noticeably more upmarket and sophisticated. The introduction of the Masterpiece Pavilion will provide additional prestige. As a long-standing Masterpiece Fair exhibitor, Koopman Rare Art is also delighted to be represented in the Masterpiece Pavilion.”


Highlight Galleries

Renowned international antiques exhibitors returning to Fine Art Asia include Rossi & Rossi (London/Hong Kong) with Chinese and Himalayan works of art; David Aaron (London) presenting Near Eastern, Egyptian, Classical and Asiatic antiquities; Tenzing Asian Art (San Francisco) showing Buddhist masterworks from Tibet and Nepal; Vanderven Oriental Art (‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands) exhibiting Chinese porcelain and works of art; Jorge Welsh Works of Art (London/Lisbon) with works of art from China, India and Japan, with an emphasis on Chinese export porcelain; Maria Kiang Chinese Art (Hong Kong) with scholar’s objects; Rasti Chinese Art (Hong Kong) with Chinese antiques; Nicholas Grindley (London) and MD Flacks (London) with classical Chinese furniture and works of art. 

Koopman Rare Art (London), Esmé Parish (Singapore/Hong Kong), and Silver and Silver (Bologna) return with fine antique silver; Somlo London with antique timepieces; Sue Ollemans (London) with jewellery from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Indonesia, as well as Chinese scholar’s items; while Ilgiz F. (Moscow/Paris), Yvel (Motza, Israel) and Maison Guan (Hong Kong) present designed jewellery and YEWN (Hong Kong) showcases innovative jewellery inspired by Imperial Chinese dynasties.

In the art section, Tanya Baxter Contemporary (London) showcases modern and contemporary British art and sculpture, with works by Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Bridget Riley, Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and David Hockney. Hanart TZ Gallery (Hong Kong) presents paintings by Yeh Shih-Chiang and sculptures by Ju Ming; while Chelesa Art Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong/Shanghai) has a solo exhibition of Chinese artist Ren Zhong. wamono art (Tokyo/Hong Kong) showcases innovative contemporary Japanese sculpture.

Exhibiting for the first time at Fine Art Asia 2019 is renowned antiques dealer Amir Mohtashemi (London) specialising in exquisite Indian and Islamic art. We are also delighted to welcome back DANON (Rome), the world’s most renowned dealers in antique Chinese carpets; and Pontone Gallery (London) dealing in contemporary international art.


Special Exhibition 70 + 30:

The Hei Formula comprises classical Chinese furniture and Chinese paintings from the private collections of renowned collector and dealer, Mr Hei Hung-Lu and his son Andy Hei, founder and director of Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia.  Mr Hei Hung-Lu began his career in 1949, when he arrived in Hong Kong from Beijing. “70” refers to his 70 years’ experience in the antiques business, as well as 70% of their knowledge as antique furniture dealers coming from closely viewing artworks. “30” refers to Andy Hei’s 30 years in the antiques business, starting in 1989 as assistant to the late legendary New York dealer and collector Robert H. Ellsworth; as well as 30% of their knowledge gained from listening to stories from others.


Ink Asia 2019

Ink Asia 2019 features artworks in a variety of media including paintings, calligraphy, prints, sculpture, video and installations, demonstrating that the spirit of ink is now by no means limited to traditional paintings on rice paper, but is entirely relevant to the 21st century.

Among Hong Kong galleries exhibiting at Ink Asia, Grotto Fine Art exhibits Hong Kong artists including Koon Wai-bong, Yau Wing-fung, Wai Pong-yu and Hung Fai, who uses xuan paper and ink in the most original way to form a three-dimensional work embodying his mother’s memories. Galerie du Monde presents works by Fong Chung-Ray, regarded as one of the pioneers of abstraction in Chinese painting, as well as Wang Gongyi, Kwok Hon Sum and Wesley Tongson. Showing the range of Ink Asia, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery showcases painted ceramic works by Bai Ming.

Alisan Fine Arts focuses on the genre of landscape painting. Artists include two late Hong Kong ink masters, Fang Zhaoling and Lui Shou-kwan, the late Sichuan painter Li Huasheng, and three artists working within the New Ink Art movement – Beijing-based Nan Qi and Tai Xiangzhou, and the Taiwanese artist Lee Chun-yi, who studied under the renowned “Father of Modern Ink Painting” Liu Kuo-sung.

The Ink Society presents a special exhibition, A Tribute to Irene Chou (1924-2011), who was inspired by the theories of New Ink to move away from conventional Chinese styles towards abstract forms. She explored, through her stunning energetic paintings, the inner workings of the mind and its relationship to the mysteries of the universe, making her one of the most innovative artists of the New Ink Painting movement.

Another special exhibition is Ink+, curated by Eric Leung to inspire innovation and broaden artistic vision in ink art. More than 10 artists from Hong Kong and China exhibit their alternative ‘Ink’ works using refreshing, non-traditional media.

Among overseas galleries, Michael Goedhuis (London) showcases French/Chinese artist Li Chevalier, whose paintings represent an attempt to find a reconciliation between Chinese thought with Western reason and science. INK studio (Beijing) presents artist, scholar and film-maker Bingyi, as well as Li Jin, Xu Lei and Zeng Xiaojun. No. 55 Art Space (Beijing) has works in kevazingo wood by Zhou Ning and in ink and wine on paper by Xu Jing.

This year our photography section, curated by Boogie Woogie Photography (Hong Kong), is part of Ink Asia for the first time. Pékin Fine Arts (Hong Kong/Beijing) showcases acclaimed South African Pieter Hugo; while photogravures by Italian Costanza Gastaldi are presented by Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery (Hong Kong). Arco Gallery (New York) brings enigmatic silhouettes by Pierre Sernet. Galerie &CO119 (Paris) offers rare works by Irving Penn as well as delicate prints by Sakiko Nomura. OFOTO & ANART (Shanghai) presents Luo Yongjin’s latest series on trees.  Boogie Woogie Photography exhibits for the first time works by South African Billy Monk and Swiss/French Sabine Weiss.

A programme of lectures and seminars by art experts from Hong Kong and overseas will be held during the fair. The Hong Kong Art School is the Education Partner of Fine Art Asia for the 8th year. Fine Art Asia is also delighted

to welcome the Hong Kong Palace Museum as a new Academic Partner. The Ink Society once again hosts an Academic Programme for Ink Asia, strengthening academic discussion and interaction between scholars, galleries and collectors.