Step Creation Gallery

Step Creation Limited
Contemporary art

Exhibited Artists: Hom Nguyen, Joris Ghilini, Alben, Maruhashi Satoshi, COLORZ

Booth: B11

Hom Nguyen (b. 1972)
Un Monde Meilleur 1917
Mixed media on canvas
H. 160 x W. 140 cm

Step Creation Gallery was founded in Hong Kong in 2016 by Stéphane Vartanian, who was raised in a French Armenian family where he was surrounded by art and artists. His grandmother, Virginie Vartanian, was a painter; his parents were also avid art collectors. In 2009, he met the graffiti artist CEET, on the street in Hong Kong. This proved to be a turning point which saw him evolve from art collector to art curator. In the past few years, he has produced exhibitions in Hong Kong for a number of French artists such as Kongo, Colorz and JorisGhilini. The success of these exhibitions has seen Stéphane become much sought-after art adviser to important collectors in France, Hong Kong and China.

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T: + 852 9771 1493