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Himalayan Buddhist art
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Goddess Tara
Tibet, Newari artist
13th century
Gilt copper alloy inlaid with semiprecious stones
H. 35 cm

Tenzing Asian Art, founded in 2006, specialises in rare Himalayan art of the early Kashmiri Buddhist period, Pala India, and the Licchavi Nepali era that survived in Tibet. The gallery helps private individuals and museums worldwide to build collections of exquisite Himalayan art. Iwona Tenzing began her career 30 years ago at Xanadu Gallery in San Francisco. Her extensive ties to the Himalayas are built on decades of travel and research in the region.
In 2015 Iwona partnered with Chino Roncoroni, a leading specialist in Himalayan art and Central Asian textiles and courtly objects. Chino is known internationally for his expertise, his discerning eye, and his integrity. Since the 1970s, Chino has worked with international dealers to form compelling collections in Europe and America. He has sponsored numerous research and book projects by scholars and experts in Himalayan art, culture, and history.

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