The Gallery by SOIL


SOIL Limited
Contemporary lacquer art

Booth: A7

Exhibited Artists: Park Chiang, Gan Erke, Liu Yang, Takashi Igawa,
Shigo Muramoto, Yoshihiko Murata, Haruka Sotome, Kohei Ukai, Takashi Wakamiya, Wei Nan

Gan Erke (b. 1955)
Green-gold-patterned Xipi-lacquer celestial sphere vase 
Natural lacquer, ramie, ancient tile ash, mineral pigments and gold foil 
H. 26 x D.19 cm

The Gallery by SOIL is dedicated to presenting the art of lacquer from Asia. Based in Hong Kong, it is probably the first gallery that brings together lacquer masters and artists of diverse cultures, blending the traditional with the contemporary to showcase variety in the discipline.
Since 2012, The Gallery by SOIL has devoted most of its efforts and resources to lacquer design and research into lacquer as an art form.

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Shop 102, 1/F, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun,10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
T: +852 5916 9266