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Niyoko Ikuta (b. 1953)
Ku-132 (Free Essence 132)
Laminated and hand-cut sheet glass
H. 42.5 x W. 33 x D. 50 cm

Placing emphasis on abstract sculptures made with materials such as ceramics, metal, glass and lacquer, Yufuku’s artists, wielding classical techniques enhanced by both innovation and imagination, push the boundaries of their mediums to brave new heights. Founded in 1993 by Tom M. Aoyama, Yufuku presents the aesthetics of contemporary Japan to the wider world, as well as introducing global artists to a discerning Japanese audience. Yufuku does not demarcate between art and craft, believing its artists’ ability to express their inner aesthetics is heightened by their unique skills. Their works stand alone as art for art’s sake. Yufuku’s ultimate goal is to bring peace and happiness through the dissemination of beauty.

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